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Clinical Proteomics
08-01-09 Hit 1,366


Integrated research establishes an environment for educating multidisciplinary biomedical scientists in the post-genomic era. Courses that integrate the current trend of biomedical sciences would provide a complete overview of the emerging field of systems biology and the advances within interdisciplinary sciences. Classes would address the key questions of complex biological systems by taking specific examples from developmental biology, cancer, matabolomics and proteomics.


Specific Class Topics: 
Biochemistry with emphasis on the current proteomics and genomics in medical and pharmaceutical sciences Predictive Medicine, Systems Medicine and Personalized Medicine


Systems Biology (Network Biology) 
In recent years, there has been a growing interest from industry and universities on translational research. This emerging bi-directional discipline, when established in conjunction with systems biology, maximizes the efficient investigation of the biology of disease in order to develop improved therapies.

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