Dong Soo Lee, M.D. Ph.D.
President-Elect WFNMB 2019-2020
dongsoo Lee sign
Greetings from DongSoo lee
I am Dong Soo Lee from Korea, a small but rapidly innovating country.

Just twenty years ago, we Koreans have started Nuclear Medicine as an independent discipline and have
successfully caught up with the global standards of clinical practice and scientific achievements in this field.
I was lucky and feel happy to be involved in this success story.

Recently, I am building another great dream to share our country's rare success with our global colleagues.
'Sharing' is the theme that I envision to make things possible, and ‘Affordability’ is the most important goal of our endeavor.

Dear leaders of the country, please come forward to share your vision with my team, myself, Dr. Savvas
Frangos and Dr. Patricia Bernal Trujillo, to achieve this goal while taking charge of Executive Leadership of WFNMB.